My Top 4

Well I thought it’d be fun to start things off by letting you in on some of my favorite cars of all time (it’s pretty amazing just how many of the best cars ever produced seem to have come out of the between 1960 and 1970, don’t you think?) and I thought it might be fun to start the list with a focus on muscle cars (surprise, surprise). So I think I’ll just go run through my picks here and give a little bit of a context for each one, and that ought to give you a pretty good sense of where I’m coming from, I think. Here we go.

  1. 1964 Pontiac GTO



The GTO first was available as an option on the Pontiac Tempest, you could get it with the two-door coupe, hardtop and convertible body styles. 389 cubic inch V8 with a rating at 325 horsepower. The engine had chromed valve covers, a Carter four-barrel carb and seven blade clutch fan.

2. 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1


Buick came onto the muscle car market as a beast of luxury, with the insanely powerful GSX breaking from the standard Buick look by adding the rear spoiler and body striping. The Gran Sport had a 455-cubic-inch V-8 by 1970 and produced 510 pounds-foot of torque. And I always thought this was the type of car that knew how to meet your gaze and keep it…

3. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi


I was 18 when Vanishing Point came out, so (like a lot of other people in the same boat) I didn’t really stand a chance against the Dodge Challenger. There aren’t that many cars I can think of that are as iconic as the Dodge Challenger R/T. The 2-door was available in convertible and hard-top models with the option for leather seats (and smaller rear window). It had a Plymouth Barracuda platform with a wheelbase that was 2 inches longer. V8 426 hemi producing 425 horsepower. And aside from all that, well, just look at her.

4. 1964 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Hemi


The first off the Chrysler line to feature the 425 engine, and anybody that’s seen one of these bad boys tear up the drag strip has a pretty good idea of what the engine can do when combine4d with the absurd lightweight body. This was a beast of an engine to be on the street, putting out 518 horsepower and 540 lb-ft torque. A total monster.

Well, anyway this list is bound to expand indefinitely as time goes on, so don’t hesitate to send me a list of your favorite muscle cars, and I’ll be happy to add them to the list (I personally think there’s no excuse needed to spend some time admiring a classic muscle car). Anyway, that about wraps it up for my ramblings today. I’m thinking it looks like a good afternoon for a long drive…

A Shout Out To My Web Stalkers!

Welcome to, your friendly neighborhood resource for (you guessed it) old cars. Or at least that’s the plan. I haven’t done too much writing. At least not since grade school, but luckily all that training on cursive hand writing sure is going to come in handy now. Wait…

Well, anyway in my defense I don’t think you can really blame a sixteen year-old boy for having trouble concentrating on a dusty old grammar lesson when all he can think about is the ’65 Ford Thunderbird sitting out in the parking lot just waiting for him, calling to him…(how I got my hands on a thunderbird in high school is a story for another day altogether). I’ve got a big interest in cars, and I thought it’d be neat to gather my thoughts in one location and hey, maybe even somebody else will find it useful too, what do I know.

So expect to see some reviews, and I’ll spend some time talking about whatever shows I’m able to make it too, and don’t be surprised to encounter the tangent every so often where you’ll hear about the happenings in the life of my beagles, Cooper and Daisy (all my best memories from my childhood include my first beagle, Bailey) and the occasional long-winded rant about the last thing that’s really got me fuming. All in good fun though.